PixelJam is a platform for web students to expose their work in a modular way on a full responsive site.

Our purpose in the making of PixelJam was to gather, show and share the work of all the students in the media profession. At first, the project was called "Mlab: A lab for student work." But we wanted to focus our site on the exchange between students.

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The purpose of PixelJam is to give the student the opportunity to share all the steps of their work and its evolution and not only the final result.

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About PixelJam

Final project for my studies. Available in http://www.pixeljam.be


Responsive Web & Application

The Team

This is the rest of the crew

  • Antoine

    the back-end dev

  • Sebastiano

    the project manager

  • Meryem
    - Have a look

    the content and user manager


In red, my part of the job

  • html

    Work by me Work by me Work by me Work by me

  • css

    Work by me Work by me Work by me Work by me Work by me

  • design

    Work by me

  • animation

    Work by me

  • development

    Work by me Work by me

  • preproduction

    Work by me Work by me Work by me