Let's Sacrifice

Ever wanted to help a little mayan priest to perform his sacrifice? No? Well too bad, we have! 

In this "yeti" kind of game, you play a priest who is late for his ritual. So, you have to use a sling-shot to fly to the temple. Typical. Here are some images of the game.

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/!\ SPOILERS /!\ The end of the game ;)

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About Let's Sacrifice

This game, maybe a little morbid but surely fun, was made with a friend.


Flash Game

The Team

This is the rest of the crew

  • Meryem Lahouel
    - Have a look

    She made nearly all the design, i was mostly doing the code.


In red, my part of the job

  • design

    Work by me Work by me

  • development

    Work by me Work by me Work by me